Friday, November 4, 2011

Cornered Creatures

Some new friends have come to town.

These creatures are now living in the Creative Corner until they are adopted.

They each have different styles and personalities .
(they can even come in different colors - when ordered)

I'm looking for some good names for each of these crazy creatures... 
So if you have any fun names, please comment with your ideas.   :)

Creature #1 - has one large eye with a small "v" mouth and a 'v' design around the edge.

 Creature #2 - has two large eyes, poofy black hair on top, with a sweet smile and ear flaps.

 Creature#3 - has 2 bug eyes with a cute yellow button nose and two cute ears.

Creature #4 - has one large eye with long eyelashes, a two tooth smile and a matching bowtie.

Enjoy, CNW

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