Friday, April 20, 2012


I DO!!
And Yes, I did spell that correctly.

It is a combination of Dimples and "GOGGA" (What Bella says when she sees them - very excitedly)

They are my newest wide eyed, antenna-ed amigurumi creation. 

This started with me making a Doll for a Bella that we could put a Bell in. 
Enjoying that first attempt, the Gimples were created. (Although these guys DON'T have bells in them)

My sweet 10 month old niece has her favorite (the purple one) and growls with excitement when she gets her hands on him (pic below - I will be getting video of this soon - it is just too cute!!).  

Even when she comes to my room, "GogGa?" as she looks to my shelf where they currently reside. 
(She doesn't come to see me any more :) )

I do find it interesting that according to Urban Dictionary, Gimples is "the cute form of gimp. Used on things that are so ugly that they're cute."  

Which I Think Definitely Works For These Funny Fellows. 

 These crazy looking creatures are currently for sale in my ETSY store.
They sport cute overalls with a pocket on the front to hold on their or your child's special items. They even have (permanently attached) buttons to hold up their suspender straps. 

They are crocheted with Red Heart and Caron One Pound yarn. They are filled with LOVE and Crafter's Choice Dry Fiberfill, which is 100% polyester fill and non-allergenic.

Gimples measure approximately 15 inches from top of head (not including antennas) to the tips of their toes. They are the perfect size for little hands to get a hold of.

These little guys are looking for a good home to go and to bring joy to a child.

You can even purchase a matching beanie to cover your child's head as they play with their Gimples. 

If you have any questions please let me know!  Other colors are available too.

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  1. Love your blog. You are very talented. I invite you to read my blog. Did you find a teaching job? Keep in touch. Miss the days on the hill.